Date: 7 January 2020.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Children Prayer Conference 2019Greetings in the Name Of Jesus Christ, The Lord. May His Love, Joy and Peace be with you and all the Brethren with you. Jesus is Lord of all.

The Children Prayer Ministry, namely, The Royal Kids Of South Africa, was started on 1 April 2008. This was after Father Anton Cruz, from Chennai, India had visited South Africa and spoke in the main cities. His message was 2-fold: His testimony and awareness to the Body of Christ about the power that the Churches have neglected; power of praying Children.

I was convicted. I am an Evangelist, I serve the Lord through Tent Ministry and Children were the worst enemies of the Tent. The Tent would be their Playground after School. They would even bring it down. So, the solution was to hire somebody to chase them away from the Tent, with a big stick. Then came Father Anton Cruz!!! When I tried to tell him the reason why I chased the Children away from the Tent, he said to me: “ It means you didn’t get the message the Children were trying to send to you.” “ What message?” I asked. His answer was: “That they were available and are strong!!” On 1 April 2008, I then started, with 256 Children. I basically taught them how to pray, went on taught the WORD and Life Skills.

Over the Years I have experienced  many, amazing, answers to Prayer; to mention few:

  • Through their Prayer, The Samaritan Purse’s OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD gifts and booklets returned to South Africa;
  • They Prayed for their food( they get warm meal every week Monday-Friday) and they received more than they could eat and we then distributed the same to the aged people.
  • To date, aged people, 1 300 plus, are still getting Vegetable Hampers every week( once).
  • Through the Prayers of the Children, we managed to adopt and run 32 Crèches’ in Orange Farms. Over 3000 Learners have Graduated to Grade 1, being able to read and write and count. This happened over a period of 7 Years. And it is on-going.
  • I would run out of space to mention healing to parents, drop in numbers of Children rapes, employment of siblings etc;etc.

After 11 years of the running of The Royal Kids Of South Africa, we called for Children Prayer Conference. It happened on 7 December 2019. All records were shattered!!! Our Logistics Department under Mr. Sipho Nkosi, counted until 2 500 and stopped!!! The rain was pouring in torrents!!! Children kept coming in, in busses, mini busses, vans and on foot!!! We ran out of space. The Church Building was packed up to the stage( only little space left for those Children who lead Prayers) the overflow Tent was packed and some stood in the rain, refusing to go home!!! The atmosphere was just electric!!! I have never seen anything like that in our shores and the Holy Spirit was there!!!

Children Prayer Conference 2019 02

The Royal Kids Of South Africa( Head Quarters: Orange Farms) did an amazing Praise and Worship, laying a solid foundation for those leading the Prayers. Children did pray!!!

We had no incidents except 2 Children getting lost but were found the same evening. One was a 3 years old boy found at the Police Station. How he got there, 5 kilometres away!? Only God knows. The other one, a girl left with friends and went to their home.

There is an Army rising on, to break every chain. It is here.

Many thanks to the Team, all task forces and a friend and partner who encouraged and joined forces with us, Apostle Peter Visser, of Rivers of Hope Revival Ministries. May God richly bless him.

Many thanks for Prayer support we received throughout the Nation.

With much appreciation.

I remain a firm believer.

Peter M. Sekhonyane( Bishop)

081 748 4220

082 619 7307(whatsapp)