October 2022 Outreach Report 01

To: Friends of The Ministry.

From: Peter M. Sekhonyane(Bishop).

Subject: Ongoing Outreaches.

Date: 3 November 2022.

Dear Friend,

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ, The Lord. May His Love, Joy and Peace be yours and the brethren with you. Recently, my Leaders in IPC( International Prayer Connect), attended a conference in Los Angeles with the Theme: Finishing The Task. I was amazed of the heavenly coincidence, because here in South Africa, the above-named Ministry, has embarked on Finishing the Task since September 2021. In the month of September 2021, the Lord blessed me with 2 Tents( One a 2000 Seater and the other a 500 Seater). The message was clear, finish the task. This report is about all we are doing on our part of finishing the task, With Children Prayer Ministry( The Royal Kids Of South Africa), Youth Prayer Ministry( UPRISING S. A.) and the Main Maranatha Revival Ministries( basically an Outreach Ministry.) The last week of October 2022…


They took to the streets after school, with pamphlets announcing the coming of the Good News Campaign that was to start on 24-30 October, 2022. Armed with the pamphlets and a Booklet: Bread of Life, received from the Late Graham Power( to help in the Outreaches), the children pounded the streets of Extension 1, Proper, Orange Farms. Knocking on every door of that Section, praying with the Families, talking to all people they were meeting in the streets. It was no longer a strange spectacle to see even elderly people lifting up their hands in the street to pray or be prayed for by the children. This has to be seen to believe, hence you are invited to visit Orange Farms. We will be happy to welcome you. The work done by the Royal Kids Of South Africa led the Tent to be full on the very first night of the Campaign. Never underestimate the power of Children praying. They are in South Africa amongst the fore-runners in carrying out the Great Commission. They are a marvel to watch when doing it.


These are a combination of School going and out of School young people. Working in and amongst the Youth. Basically praying for them. The majority of these graduated from the Royal Kids Of South Africa. They also do Door-to-Door and Street Evangelism. Their strength is in the Open Air Outreaches and in Prayer. In the last Tent Outreach(24-30 October 2022) they worked their feet off as Ushers and Counsellors to those who gave their lives to Jesus. They also allocated them to various House Churches for Discipleship purposes. UPRISING S. A. are also a marvel to watch at their work.


These are basically the Discipleship Leadership Team at work. They are House Church Leaders based in Orange Farms( Gauteng Province), Cape Town( Black Townships) Western Cape Province, and in East London( Eastern Cape Province)… for now. Please bear in mind that The Great Commission has 2 sides: “ Go ye into the whole World and preach The Gospel to all creatures, whosoever believes and is baptized shall be saved; whosever does not believe shall be damned….”Mark 16:15-16. “All power has been given to me in Heaven and on Earth, Go ye therefore and make Disciples of all the Nations, baptizing them in the Name of The Father, In the Name of the Son and in the Name of the Spirit; teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you…”Matthew 28:18-20. Taking these into consideration, adding them alongside Jesus Christ’s Words: “ The harvest truly is plenteous  but the labourers are few, Pray to The Lord of the Harvest to send labourers into his fields.”

That is the reason why we conduct the Tent Outreaches. The purpose is 2 fold, to bring in the harvest and immediately place them into the existing House Churches to be Discipled. The preachers in these Tents are either still in a Discipleship Class OR is a Discipleship Leader already running a DBS( Discovery Bible Series) in his/ her House Church.

These are trained to do ONE MINUTE WITNESS and to Narrate Jesus’s Story, we simply call them, “ HiStory”( pronounced “His Story”) Teams. We have made 2 discoveries, 1. People in the Churches, YES, in Churches, don’t know Jesus Christ: Who is He, What was His purpose for coming, has He achieved that purpose. They simply don’t know Him, hence they don’t have a relationship with Him. 2. Churches are full of members/converts but no Disciples. These are the issues we are mandated to address in the Tent Outreaches and in the Churches where we are invited. We are just focussed in the GOOD NEWS Of JESUS CHRIST. HiStory relates all.

October 2022 Outreach Report 02

From 24-30 October, 219 accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour. Our Orange Farms House Churches has grown now to 33 confirmed. To all of us, this is just a drop in the ocean. The Lord willing, we will continue with these type of Outreaches.

Thank you for your Prayers and for your Financial support.

May He remember you for all that you are doing.

May He bless and keep you.

Yours in His Service.
Peter M. Sekhonyane( Bishop) +27826197307

Prayer Request: Please pray that the Lord supply all of our need in this Mission. Unemployment in South Africa is at its highest level ever. Transporting of equipment and the Teams is our main need.

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