In July 2004, Bishop Peter was prompted to establish a prayer ministry called National Evangelistic Prayer Watch Outreach (NEPWO). The initiative began calling the churches back to prayer.

We have 51 tents operating across all 9 provinces of South Africa who are networked in with 9,840 (and counting) local churches that have embraced day and night continuous 24-7 prayer vigils. 

The prayer has led to the transformation of Communities and has brought back the fear of God into the participating Churches.

We hold an annual Power of Prayer Conference - Click Here for more info

The methodology can be summarised as follows:

In each province, the target becomes 5 Cardinal points (North, South, East, West and Central Places of the Province). We plot points moving outward in 4 Cardinal places and then work in outward from the Center.

We then pitch a 500 seater tent and invite pastors and leaders of the churches to a meeting where we share the vision and run teaching sessions of: “How to” for 1 or 2 weeks.  After the training, a joint churches commissioning service takes place.

In one Tent, we might end up with up to 50 Church Leaders and Pastors. We then leave them with teaching material to continue impacting others.

NEPWO's founder, Bishop Peter M. Sekhonyane has been invited to speak at over 60 Countries on Day and Night Prayer.   We endeavour to continue to receive and honour invitations from everywhere in the World.

Currently, we have 3 Teams known as 'Prayer Tent Teams' consisting of 15 members each. All are Full Time Workers.

The following are the statistics of NEPWO’s Achievement Record, collected, reconciled and put together in their Annual November Prayer Conference in November 2013.

Number of Churches involved in Day and Night Prayer= 9,850 (and still counting): V.
Number of hours covered daily= 14 hours (average): V.
Salvations (in Tents and Local Churches)= 1.3m (NFV)
Re-dedications (those restored back to Christ)= 385,000 (NFV)
Healings (of all kinds)= 83,600 (NV)
Employment= 38,300 (NV)
New Small Businesses started= 11,200 (NFV)
Devil Worshippers Delivered= 749 (V)
Cases of Corruption exposed and charged= 4,060 (NFV)
Marriages restored= 3,490 (V)
Lost and found (people)= 1,160(V)
Lost and found (property)= 15 vehicles(V)