In February 2008, Father Anton Cruz from India visited South Africa. He shared how God had called him to father the 'thrown away' babies and raise them. He was, then, working with, teaching and training over 8,000 children with a particular emphasis on teaching them how to Pray.

He had come to tell South Africa of the unused, untapped power that God has placed in children. He virtually challenged Pastor Peter to extend his prayer ministry to the children. Peter duly obliged. On 1st April 2008, the Childrens Ministry of Prayer was launched in Orange Farms - Extension 1. The Launch started with 286 children. Extension 1, has now become the main Centre.  

At the time of writing, there are over 7,000 children in 30 Centres in Orange Farms and the outlying areas, 500 children in 4 Centres in Limpopo Province, 2,000 children in 30 Centres in the Free State Province,  400 children in 6 Centres in the Eastern Cape Province and 600 children in 4 Centres in the Western Province. These are afectionately known as The Royal Kids Of South Africa.

In Orange Farms and in outlying areas, over 7,000 children are being fed one warm meal a day, with freshly baked bread, from Monday to Friday, every week.

From time to time, around 60 children are chosen to do outreaches into the other areas of the township, neighbouring townships and to other provinces.  This has resulted in having Children Prayer Centres in 5 of the 9 South African Provinces.

The Kids do the presentation themselves, without adult supervision. They address and pray for Pastors; They address and pray for Parents and they also address and pray for their peers.

When not out doing Outreaches, they teach new ones and then they do whole night prayer gatherings and organise prayer walks on their own.

The ministry takes them to visit from church to church, advocating the Children Prayer Ministry methodology instead of that of conventional Sunday School.

Pastors, Leaders and Lay-people regularly visit South Africa from abroad for training on how to establish a Children's Prayer Ministry.

Recently, in New York, USA, the Bishop was appointed to head the Southern Africa Region and help assemble Teams that will help establish Children In Prayer in the SADDAC Countries. He plans to use the same method that he has been using in South Africa; with children doing presentations in the SADAC Countries. The Royal Kids of South Africa will become handy, once more.

The Churches situated around the Children Centres are reporting monthly that there is steady growth of membership in their respective Churches. Children are bringing their parents to Churches!!!

We are open to invitations to all Churches, everywhere. For more information, please contact us.

In 2018, our name was changed to Royal Kids | UPRising SA to reflect our vision to see young people across South Africa united in prayer for our streets, our provinces and our nation.